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Skillsoft is a global leader in corporate learning, delivering beautiful technology and engaging content that drives business impact for modern enterprises. Skillsoft provides a comprehensive selection of cloud-based corporate learning content, including courses, videos, books and other resources on Business and Management Skills, Leadership Development, Digital Transformation, Technology and Developer, Productivity and Collaboration Tools and Compliance. The Skillsoft Leadership Development Program addresses the changing way in which organizations need to develop their leaders by providing a scalable, cost-effective, and engaging leadership development experience designed for the modern, digital learner. This program makes extensive use of scenarios and behavioural demonstrations for fully contextualized leadership development.

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BetterUp is the first leadership development platform to connect coaching to measurable business outcomes and lasting behavior change. Uniquely scalable and completely turnkey, we match employees at all levels with world-class coaches and evidence-based strategies best suited to your company’s culture, learning styles, and goals. BetterUp is the perfect complement to your traditional training workshops and e-learning programs. The convenience and affordability of our mobile solution means you can offer weekly development sessions to your people, turning newly-learned behaviors into sustainable habits.

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At, D2L, we believe a great learning experience is critical to driving engagement and retention. D2L’s learning platform helps prepare and engage your workforce with a personalized learning experience. leadership development, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and more. With a fully open API, Brightspace can easily integrate within your existing technology ecosystem. For many companies, engaging their workforce has become just as necessary as engaging their customers. With the right tools, we can help you turn the challenge of retaining and developing the best talent into a competitive advantage.

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DDI is a global leadership consulting firm that helps organizations identify, promote and develop exceptional leaders. From first-time managers to C-suite executives, DDI is by leaders’ sides, supporting them in every critical moment of leadership. Built on five decades of research and experience in the science of leadership, DDI’s evidence-based assessment and development solutions enable millions of leaders around the world to succeed, propelling their organizations to new heights. For more information, visit ddiworld.com.

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GP Strategies

Discover customized performance improvement programs that strategically align with your unique business objectives and differentiate your global workforce, leaders and salespeople to ensure business excellence. Our managed learning strategies include repeatable processes to make knowledge transfer more efficient and cost-effective. Our sales solutions emphasize rich experiences to foster sales and loyalty. And our leadership development strategies stress employee engagement. Our sole focus is performance improvement, and everything we do, from technical and compliance training to process improvement and human capital technology integration, is focused on helping your organization deliver meaningful results.

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Intrepid is the collaborative learning platform that empowers organizations to solve high stakes business challenges through engaging and applied learning at scale. We are disrupting old-school approaches to corporate training that simply focus on delivering content. Opportunities for real-world practice and peer-to-peer collaboration add the critical human element, radically improving learner engagement in the process. Which in turn results in amazing organizational improvement. An intuitive and vibrant UI helps to deliver an experience that can support twenty or twenty-thousand users. We’ve helped clients achieve tangible business results including increasing sales, reducing new hire cycle times, increasing speed and impact of strategic change initiatives, increasing employee engagement, reducing training costs, and more.

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Kaplan Professional

At Kaplan, we believe that your training investment should align with your organization’s commercial strategy. Kaplan Professional partners with you to assess, design, and implement innovative learning solutions that address the growing challenges facing your business.

By using our diagnostic capabilities, we identify learning priorities, unlock hidden talent, and measure training impact. These insights are key to developing meaningful, performance-driven, and critical skillsets your people and your business need.

With global reach and regional expertise, Kaplan specializes in tailored learning journeys that scale, turning your training cost into learning investments.

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Leadership Pipeline Institute US

Leadership Pipeline Institute is the official research institute and leading global provider of solutions based on the two pipeline books, which have sold more than 250,000 copies around the world. Leadership Pipeline is perceived as one of the most influential leadership models through the last two decades. A significant number of the FORTUNE 500 companies have successfully implemented the Leadership Pipeline as their main leadership infrastructure for selecting and growing leaders at all levels and it has seamlessly been applied to corporate, non-profit and public organizations around the world. Our global solutions support your professionals, specialist and leaders within organizations.

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Pearson Accelerated Pathways helps companies strategically align their educational assistance spending to the talent objectives of the organization. We leverage an agnostic, consultative approach to solving educational attainment challenges and increasing economic mobility for working adults. Our prescriptive, curated mix of education resources, technology, content, coaches and partnerships work in tandem to overcome the most complex educational disparity, from your frontline to your executive employee, creating a win-win model for employers and educational providers alike. Learn how we improve business performance by building a workforce that’s more skilled, competitive, engaged, and prepared for the future of work.

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Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global is a public, nonprofit institution that offers a world-class education online. We deliver education customized for the needs of your employees and your organization.

Our personal approach to helping you meet core business objectives goes far beyond training your workforce. As your strategic partner, we work closely with you to develop a customized plan to identify critical business issues and growth opportunities, address specific workforce talent needs and skill gaps, maximize college credit opportunities, improve operational efficiencies, and maximize return on educational investment.

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Established in 1981, NIIT offers Managed Training Services to market-leading companies in 40 countries. Our comprehensive suite of Managed Training Services includes custom curriculum design and content development, learning administration, learning delivery, strategic sourcing, learning technology, and advisory services. With a team of world-class learning professionals, NIIT is dedicated to helping customers increase the business value of learning and development. Built on the sound principles of ‘Running Training like a Business’, NIIT’s Managed Training Services and best-in-class training processes enable customers to align business goals with L&D, reduce costs, realize measurable value, benefit from rock-solid operations, and increase business impact.

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Capella University

Capella partners with organizations across the country to offer low to no cost degree offerings for employees. Our online, flexible degree programs are designed to provide industry-relevant skills and knowledge that are quickly applicable on-the-job.